Why Chaatz?


Chaatz provides the widest range of messaging consolidation, identity management and privacy available in a social messaging app today.


Multiple Numbers Support

Many of us carry different mobile numbers for different reasons. Some of us use these numbers on seperate phones to keep our personal and official communications seperate, others for example business travellers, carry numbers of different countries or states.

If you have multiple mobile phones then Chaatz allows you to add all your multiple numbers on one app and manage them like chat client aliases. This way, with Chaatz you can use one application to have complete control over your mobile interactions through your different numbers.

Multiple SIMs Device Support

Millions of people around the world use multi-SIM devices to take advantage of competitive carrier charges, special offers or for the purpose of simply carrying a single phone containing both office and personal mobile numbers.

If you are a multi-SIM device user then Chaatz offers a new experience to you. You can set up both SIM cards (or even more) independently with custom profile names and easily choose between SIMs before making chats.

Multiple Profiles

Chaatz allows you to create, organize and manage multiple profiles using your multiple mobile numbers present on your different mobile phones or multi-SIM device. All you need to do is install Chaatz on one of your mobile phones and register all your mobile numbers on Chaatz on that one device to create different profiles for personal, work, social and other conversations and purposes.

Chaatz Number

With Chaatz you get a FREE Chaatz Number!! Chaatz Number is a proxy phone number assigned to you when you sign up on Chaatz with your regular mobile number.

Chaatz Number can be used in many ways, you can register your Chaatz Number as a seperate profile on Chaatz and can keep your real phone number entirely anonymous. You can share your Chaatz Number with lesser known people or acquaintances that you meet at various places, or while posting Ads. This way, people can only reach you on Chaatz and cannot call you on your personal mobile number.

Another cool advantage of Chaatz Number is that your Chaatz Number can also be transferred to non-SIM devices like iPads, iPods etc. This would allow your kids and family members to stay connected with you and have safe and secure communications.


Chaatz allows you to have interesting conversations with your friends, family, colleagues and other people. In addition to texting, you can express your emotions and feelings with our great collection of Emoji and Animaticons. You can also enrich your chatting experience by capturing and sharing your Photos and Audio Clips. Whats more, you can even use pre-recorded Funny Sounds to express yourself in a unique way.

Connecting the World

Chaatz is truly cross-platform, and not only works on smartphones, but also on feature phones. It allows billions of people using feature phones to connect with each other and with those using smartphones.

You can also download Chaatz on your non-SIM devices and register using Chaatz Number, turning your non-SIM devices like tablets or iPods into smart devices. Further down the road, the company sees Chaatz being available on all platforms, including wearables like smartwatches, where it wouldn't even require an accompanying smartphone to sync its messages.


Send Free text messages, organize group chats, record and send audio messages ,click and share photos. Make your conversations interesting with our collection of Emoji, Animaticons, per-recorded Funny Sounds and more.

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Chaatz is a social messaging platform whose mission is to enable anyone with a mobile device to message their contacts freely and be part of a social network, regardless of where they are in the world, or whether they can afford a smartphone or not.

The Team

Chaatz is brought to you by pioneers in the Telecommunications Industry. Meet a few of the leaders and founding team...

Richard Cheung

Founder and CEO

Richard is the Founder and CEO of Chaatz, a social messaging platform established to fulfill a grand vision of connecting the world. In 2001, Richard founded the mBounce group of companies. He has led the group to be one of the most influential mobile technology companies in the world. The firm has received numerous awards including the Gold price winner of the Mobile Application Award (co-organized by China Mobile, Lenovo and Nokia) as well as the Forum Nokia PRO Awards.

Prior to mBounce Richard has served as a producer in major media companies such as Star TV, Mainstream Broadcast Canada and Metro Broadcast Corporation in Hong Kong. He was also a founding committee member of the Wireless Technology Special Interest Group and has been appointed as a Board advisor for various mobile technology firms. Richard has over 20 years’ experience in the media and entertainment industry and is well versed with front line operations, business development and other support functions.

Michael Wong

Founder and CTO

Michael is the Founder and CTO of Chaatz, a social messaging platform with a vision of connecting the world. Prior to that Michael founded mBounce in 2001 and has been a strategic pioneer in mobile technology and solutions ever since. He led the company to be one of the most influential and respected technology providers. Under Michael’s guidance mBounce has delivered some of the most complex solutions to carriers, manufacturers, partners and clients worldwide.

Over the last 13 years Michael has been a visionary in mobile platforms such as Symbian, iOS, Android and other embedded platforms. He conceptualized mobile 3D technology, Appstore development, mobile security, mobile payment and cloud technology. Michael's depth in understanding technology, mobile platforms and its application in the wider ecosystem often gets him recognition as a keynote speaker, panelist and thought leader in various events and conferences.

Arnie Chaudhuri

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development

Arnie is a Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of Chaatz, a social messaging platform designed to help create, organize and manage their conversations. He is responsible for all areas of business development. This includes market penetration, planning and strategizing for consumer growth, marketing, channel development, and monetization of markets.

Prior to Chaatz, Arnie held a number of formative roles at mBounce. And before that Arnie worked for Nokia for over ten years representing various business groups. His time was split equally between Europe and South East Asia. Arnie has over 17 years of experience in senior leadership positions covering mobile sales and distribution, channel development, marketing strategy, mobile advertising, mobile payments and mobile applications.

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11 - 02 - 2014

Chaatz Messaging Application Launches in iTunes App Store, Provides Multiple Profiles For Communication

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Chaatz is a new messaging app that is an antithesis of now-trending feature-packed platforms

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Chaatz wants to be the messaging app the world actually needs

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Team Behind Facebook For Feature Phones Launches Chaatz, A Mobile Messaging App Aimed At Emerging Markets

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Chaatz Messaging App Works Without A Phone Number, Plays Nice With iPad

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Here, you’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at support@chaatz.com

What is Chaatz?

Chaatz for Smartphones is the first social messaging app for iOS and Android smartphones that allows users to create, organize and manage multiple profiles and phone numbers for business, personal and private communications – all on a single device.

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Is it free to send messages over Chaatz?

Provided you have an adequate internet data plan for your smartphone or device, it is free to send and receive messages and media over Chaatz!

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Is Chaatz free?

Chaatz is free to download and the service is free to use, given you have an adequate mobile data plan, or access to a Wi-Fi network.

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What is a Chaatz Number?

Chaatz Number is a proxy phone number assigned to you when you sign up you’re your regular phone number.

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How do I transfer a Chaatz Number to another device?

For your Chaatz number to be transferred to another device please follow the steps below:

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How do I register with a Chaatz Number?

There are two ways of registering with a Chaatz number:

  • A Chaatz number will be assigned to you when you sign up with your regular phone number.
  • If you already have a Chaatz Number with an authorization code.


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